“Daniel is a pragmatic leader rich in experience specific to all things forestry.”

Tod Arbogast(Former) Director, Sustainable Business, Dell

“Daniel’s knowledge of companies and NGOs and key issues related to certification, allied with his strong work ethic, made him a great partner for us to work with to understand stakeholder priorities, perceptions and strategic opportunities.”

Andre de FreitasExecutive Director, Sustainable Agriculture Network

“Daniel has been a consummate professional and valuable collaborator for our work in developing business strategy to address the issues of sustainable forestry in REI’s supply chain.  He could be relied upon to represent a principled point of view while working hard to find common ground, win-win solutions that made sense for our business and our common objectives.  His deep background in the issues and technical details of forest management and policy as well as his wide view of the constituencies and stakeholder views was invaluable in helping us design strategy and process that has delivered exceptional results for our company.”

Kevin Hagen(Former) Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, REI

“Progressive companies look to the NGO community for specialized counsel in sensitive areas where they have limited expertise.    Once in a while a company will align with purpose and share more than expected and once in a while an expert from the NGO community will understand the potential of business-NGO partnerships to create positive change.  Daniel Hall is such a catalyst.  For my teams at Dell and at Timberland, Daniel has been a thoughtful advisor on forestry products, land use and climate policy – delivering detailed, objective and benchmarked data and counsel that have allowed us to develop thoughtful positions on these highly complex issues.  His reports are always on time, are unusually thorough and while he’s unabashedly tough on issues he’s also respectful of – without pandering to – business realities.  I’d highly recommend Daniel as a seasoned, effective policy advisor on either side of the aisle.”

Mark NewtonVice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Timberland

“Daniel is among the pre-eminent forest policy experts in North America and one of the few people in this field that can bridge the gap between what forests and wildlife need and what companies can do to evaluate their impacts and head toward improved environmental and financial sustainability.  Daniel is highly dependable and trust-worthy, and I would recommend his services to anyone so they can get the benefits of his expertise as ForestEthics has for the better part of a decade.”

Todd PagliaExecutive Director, ForestEthics

“Daniel is one of the leading experts on certification issues, especially in relation to forestry and biodiversity. He truly understands the on the ground implications of policy in a way that make his services so valuable and vital.”

Scot QuarandaCampaign Director, Dogwood Alliance