Project Examples

As Guide Environmental:

  • Co-authored a template for High Conservation Value (HCV) Frameworks for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and preparing draft Frameworks for twenty countries.
  • Providing strategic guidance to a green building standard system, including with regards to environmental stakeholder perspectives, conflict resolution, and metrics for evaluating natural resource management.
  • Identified, mapped, and interviewed environmental and social stakeholders in North America and Europe to support the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s stakeholder engagement plan and to identify strategic opportunities.
  • Drafted and negotiated FSC international indicators for responsible forest management, and guidance for HCV forest management, currently covering 485 million acres globally.
  • Drafted policy recommendations for managing risk in certified forest product supply chains, in consultation with manufacturers, retailers, auditors, and environmental and social experts.
  • Representing environmental stakeholders in a risk assessment and control measure development process.
  • Providing guidance and technical support to an independent academic review of certification programs.


  • Evaluated forest certification systems’ substantive requirements, governance, and implementation.
  • Drafted and negotiated FSC US standards for responsible forest management, currently covering 34 million acres.
  • Coordinated the development of the FSC US Pacific Coast Standard.
  • Advised over fifty major US and international companies on how sourcing certified forest products can help implement their paper and wood procurement objectives.
  • Developed communications materials explaining certification and standards programs for corporate and lay audiences.
  • Represented stakeholders in FSC General Assemblies.